What is a serigraph?

A serigraph is a hand-pulled multiple - each an original, similar to an original wood-cut or etching. Each color is printed one color at a time on numerous pieces of paper. One image may require up to twenty colors printed separately.
Robert's original serigraphs and prints deviate from realism to a means of graphic storytelling. Each print deals with the "permutation" of one image turning into another. They often highlight the camouflaging aspects of natural colors surprising the viewer with transformations from shape to shape in a rhythmic progression across the composition. Kercher has produced 80 works with this "permutation" theme with 39 of the  editions sold out.

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"Aspen Grove Ballet" Framed $450
only one available - contact the artist

"Fairy Rings"  - $250 (serigraph only, no frame or mat)  + $40.00 S/H

"Fairy Rings"  - $250 (serigraph only, no frame or mat) 

"Birds of Paradise"  - $500 framed 32 x 24

contact the artist to purchase

"Polarized"  - $175 +$40.00 S/H
unframed 14 x 12

"Cottontail Clearing" 

 $225 serigraph only +$40.00 S/H

"Camille and Koi"  

$200 unframed + $40 S/H

$295 framed 30 x 26
contact the artist for purchase 

"Chickadee Chicanery"  - $225 matted + $40.00 S/H

$385 framed 

contact the artist for purchase